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Fraud can affect any organisation, regardless of its size and industry. Moreover, 80% of corporate fraud is perpetrated by at least one internal employee. Corruption, systematic theft and embezzlement all remain significant threats to businesses today.


Why conduct a Fraud Audit?
Many organisations are unaware that they are victims of fraud until it is uncovered during an audit or investigation, or the losses become significant enough to be noticed and severely damage the business. With businesses moving faster, taking part in more transactions and using more technology than ever before, the opportunities for fraud have increased exponentially.

Can you be sure that your organisation is not an unwitting victim of fraud? Conducting a forensic anti-fraud audit via an external auditor will help you to determine opportunities for fraud within your business, pinpoint which procedures are protecting you from fraud, verify financial transactions that are not adequately protected, and introduce and monitor controls that will protect your organisation going forward.

Regents’ Approach
A Regents anti-fraud audit seeks to provide you with the secure knowledge that fraudulent activity is not taking place within your organisation, whilst identifying areas that could be improved in terms of internal control, security and efficiency. We work with you to create a better understanding of where your organisation is vulnerable and how to manage the process of monitoring and protecting these areas.

Fraud can occur within even the most successful and responsible organisations, and it is often only detected when profits or budgets begin to be affected. By conducting an anti-fraud audit you will safeguard your organisation’s assets, and it’s future.

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