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Making organisational and strategic decisions can be tough unless you are armed with the right information. Whether you are involved in decisions relating to products, competitors, prospective partners or present and future marketplaces, having complete and detailed Business Intelligence can greatly improve both the decision making process, and the results.


What is Business Intelligence?
Business Intelligence is a simple process of defining, gathering, analysing and interpreting all the information and intelligence available. It is an ethical and lawful business practice unlike industrial espionage, but it is one that many do not have the time to undertake. Information that might be useful as Business Intelligence might include personal information such as management backgrounds, or organisational information such as product performance, ethical and environmental standards, regulatory compliance, workforces and facilities and non-disclosure of material facts.

Gathering Business Intelligence
A Business Intelligence assignment comprises of information gathered from open source information and background enquiries. This information can help to evaluate the success of proposed actions as well as considering the compatibility of proposed partners, in terms of management style, corporate culture and much more. Executives and Managers may seek to assemble this information in a number of circumstances including:

• A new competitor moving into the marketplace
• An offer of a merger, partnership or acquisition
• A substantial investment
• Dealing with a major supplier or customer
• The unwanted advances of a predator takeover
• the introduction of a new technology
• A threat of legal action by a competitor, customer or regulating body

Regents’ Approach
At Regents, we consider the process of gathering Business Intelligence to be intrinsically linked with understanding the objectives and goals of an organisation. By understanding why a client requires the information, we can ensure that we are researching the correct areas. Whether you are looking to enter a joint venture, purchase a business or simply ascertain whether another party intends or can afford to pursue legal action, we seek to understand the motivation for gathering the requested information.

All assignments are undertaken on a strictly confidential basis with no information divulged to outside parties.

We seek to help our clients limit the risks associated with operational and strategic decisions, while helping to avoid asset loss by alerting you to unsuitable investments, purchases, partners, products or markets. We also try where possible to flag threatening activity from competitors, and help you to identify untapped markets and opportunities.

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