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An organisation is only ever as good as those it comprises of and as such, good recruitment is of crucial importance to all of us. As businesses expand, chains of command increase and globalize, and working practices become more flexible, it becomes more important than ever to be able to rely on those you employ.


What is Pre-Employment Screening?
The process of Pre-Employment or background screening is a far more complex process than it has ever been before. A simple reference check to verify the skills and experience of a candidate is no longer enough to guarantee the reliability of a potential employee, with more focus than ever being put on their cultural fit and ability to work with your existing team.

Why is Pre-Employment Screening Important?
Hiring the wrong person can be a costly mistake for a business; it can affect morale, cause tension within a team, reduce the quality or standard of work, lead to employee churn and in some cases even lead to employee instigated fraud or theft. A simple Pre-Employment Screening process not only verifies the credentials of a potential employee, but can also identify those attempting to embellish or falsify their attainments at an early stage, saving both time and money during the recruitment process.

There are several elements that can be checked to better screen the credentials, attributes and attitude of a prospective employee, including:

• Confirmation of previous employment
• Education attainment
• Credit checks
• Bankruptcy searches
• Personal references checks
• History of any civil litigation
• Involvement in other business interests

Regents’ Approach
At Regents, we help our clients to put together a defined Pre-Employment Screening process that is designed with their organisation’s culture in mind. We recommend the use of standard application forms, reducing the risk of falsified resumes by ensuring that candidates disclose all relevant information.

We are aware that the recruitment process varies from industry to industry, as well as according to the level of employee that you are recruiting for. We can create Pre-Employment Screening packages that work across all levels of your organisation, as well as conducting Pre-Employment Screening on your behalf, for potential employees across the globe.

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