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Procurement Fraud threats to companies

There are five basic bid rigging schemes which target vulnerable procurement tenders

Fake Indigenous Australian artworks openly for sale

Fake Indigenous Australian Artworks Indigenous Australians [also known as `Aboriginals’] settled in Australia over 50,000 years ago [some estimates say possibly 100,000 years ago] and created their own cultures that have unique aspects not found elsewhere on earth,...

Issues with Listening Devices – aka `bugs’

Listening Devices – aka `bugs’Technical Surveillance is the security industry term for that laypeople would normally call a `bug’ – essentially a listening device that can be placed inside an office, vehicle, room etc. The Technical Surveillance device can then record...

Bribery and corruption behind Football
match fixing in Malaysia

Online gambling on football matches in Asia has reached hundreds of millions of dollars each season – with the risk that those involved in making or receiving large-scale bets would seek to manipulate the results by threats or bribes of the players, managers or...