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Desperately seeking FaceBook
nude photos poster

The teenage girl reportedly behind the posting of naked photos of St Kilda AFL football player Nick Riewoldt on her FaceBook page remains unrepentant and un-contactable. The teenage girl is believed to have taken a number of digital photos from the laptop of a fellow...

Police use FaceBook to serve intervention order
on people they can’t find

Australian Police have taken the unusual step of serving an intervention order via social networking site FaceBook. The order seeks to ban the accused cyber-stalker from bullying, threatening or intimidating another internet user. In the Australian first, the Police...

The Risks of Using Image Geotags

Geotags are the small amount of metadata contained within a digital photo or video file which records the exact longitude and latitude of the location that the images were taken. Geotags are a useful tool for anyone wanting to identify where their own multiple photos...

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