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In a world where the majority of documents are created, edited and in some cases even signed digitally, it may seem as though the need for document examination may not be immediately clear. However, there are still many circumstances in which organisations may require assistance with the closer inspection of documents, signatures and other written materials.


What is Document Examination?

The process of Document Examination refers to the scientific and expert analysis of documents. This may be performed when there is a need to ascertain whether documents are genuine or fake, to identify unauthorised alterations, additions or deletions, or to confirm whether handwriting belongs to the purported author. It can also be crucial in identifying other evidence contained within the document which has not previously been noted or considered of importance.


When to undertake Document Examination

Document Examination is required when it is necessary to determine how a document was produced, when and by whom it was created, and most commonly, to ascertain whether any changes have been made since its creation.


Document Examination can be useful in a number of circumstances, such as:

  • Identifying a fake invoice generated to justify unauthorised expenses claimed by a manager
  • Comparing the handwriting on a questioned document with known subject handwriting
  • Identifying a will with a false signature;
  • Recognising changes to the date on a documents
  • Noting the false signature of a director agreeing to a sale of assets or transfer of monies


Regents’ Approach

At Regents, we are able to provide an initial assessment of the subject documents quickly and effectively to ascertain whether further investigation is required. If necessary, we will then conduct a full analysis and provide you with a comprehensive report of the findings.

In addition, we will also advise on the most appropriate ways to store and carry the questioned materials, and any supporting documents that may be associated.

Our analysis focuses on a number of areas, including the confirmation and identification of handwriting and signatures, the analysis of ink and paper products used in the creation of the document, and the detection of any alterations, additions or substitutions made on the document.

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Document Examination

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