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In today’s world, the majority of us use smart phones and devices such as the Blackberry and the iPhone. In many cases, we use the same device for both corporate and business communication, accessing the Internet, posting on social networks, taking photos and videos, and most commonly using Email and Calendar capabilities. If a device has been implicated as part of investigation within your workplace, how do you go about retrieving the evidence?


What is Mobile Phone Forensics?
This process centers on the finding and isolating of digital evidence located on mobile and smart phones. This can be undertaken on behalf of companies, organisations, law firms or government departments, and is useful for locating both information that is on the device, and also information that has initially been deleted but can still be retrieved. Several types of digital evidence can be obtained from a mobile phone, including call histories, emails, contacts, text messages, calendar and diary information, photos and videos, Internet browsing history, GPS history and file storage activity.

Undertaking Mobile Phone Forensics
Due to the different operating systems and configurations used by phone manufacturers, retrieving evidence from a mobile or smart phone can require different equipment software to that which is used to undertake Computer Forensics, and as such it can be difficult to do internally.

Mobile Phone Forensics investigations may be required for the following reasons:

• Criminal activity such as fraud or theft within the organisation
• Misuse of electronic equipment such as for own personal use or operating own business using the assets of the organisation
• Workplace bullying or unfair treatment
• Organisation policy breaches such as sending inappropriate or offensive emails
• Execution of a search warrant or civil search such as Anton Piller Order
• Data theft or compromise of Intellectual Property
• Civil cases which involve the movement of data on digital devices

Regents’ Approach
At Regents’, we understand that it can be difficult to effectively monitor activity on devices that are being used either in the workplace, either for personal or organisational reasons. We also appreciate the sizeable amount of information and data that can accumulate on a device, even when the user believes that it has been deleted.

We frequently update our forensic software to ensure that we keep abreast of the constant developments in the mobile phone technology sector. Moreover, our Mobile Phone Forensics services can be utilised on mobile and smart phones, as well as on GPS Sat-Nav devices, voice recorders and digital cameras.

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