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Procurement Fraud threats to companies

There are five basic bid rigging schemes which target vulnerable procurement tenders

Business Email Compromise Scams Are On The Rise

Business Email Compromise Scams Are On The Rise There has been a surge in business email compromise (BEC) or email account compromise scams (EAC) in recent years, causing losses of Millions of Dollars every year to individuals, plus Small and Medium companies. This...

Fraud audits for companies and organisations

Fraud is an ever increasing problem for companies and organisations of all sizes. According to the Certified Fraud Examiners recent survey in 2008 in the USA alone, around US$994 Billion was lost to fraudulent activity. Fraud is a different form of commercial crime,...

Passwords? As simple as abc 123

In 2010, typed passwords remain the principal method for logging into various accounts on the internet. Despite the critical part that passwords play in securing access to email, FaceBook or Bank accounts, many users still use unsuitable and simple passwords. The...

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