Useful Links


The Malaysian Bar Association                         

Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission        

Royal Malaysian Police [Polis Di-Raja Malaysia]

Malaysia Government Official Portal               

Ministry of International Trade and Industry

Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia

Malaysian Domain registry                                

Malaysian Stock Exchange [Bursa Malaysia] 



The Law Society of Singapore                            

Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau           

Singapore Police Force                                        

Supreme Court of Singapore                              

Ministry of Trade and Industry                         

Intellectual Property Office of Singapore        

Singapore Network Information Centre          

Statistics Singapore                                              



Transparency International                                

The International Trademark Association (INTA)

Global Anti-Counterfeiting Network                


International Crisis Group                                  

Acronym Finder                                                    

World Embassies & Consulates                         

Lloyd’s of London                                                 

Asian Development Bank                                   




Crime & Misconduct Commission                    

Corruption and Crime Commission                 

Australian Federal Police                                    

High Tech Crime Operations                             

NSW law Society                                                   

Law Institute of Victoria                                      

Queensland Law Society                                      

Law Society of Western Australia                      

Law Society of South Australia                           

IP Australia                                                             


Foreign Embassies in Australia                           

Australian Institute of Management                  

Australian Bureau of Statistics