How to disappear – but not pseudocide

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Most of us at one time or another has wished we could simply disappear. To walk away and not be followed by those irritating phone calls, SMS messages, emails, FaceBook alerts and utility bills! The wish is usually fleeting and we return to getting on with our lives.

However, for some people this desire advances beyond the daydreaming and the need to disappear becomes reality. The reasons for needing to disappear vary but generally include being the victim of stalking, suffering an abusive relationship, avoiding notoriety, involvement in criminal activities or fleeing creditors and legal action.

For those who are serious with wanting to disappear, there is an expert named Frank Ahern who operates the website  Frank Ahern comes to this subject from a unique perspective – he has spent over twenty years as a skip tracer based in New York and is one of the best in the business.

Frank Ahern has spent years learning to how trace missing and disappeared people via the various footprints that they leave behind – frequent flyer accounts, utility bills, old e-mail addresses etc. Frank Ahern found that there was also a demand for legitimate people wanting to relocate to another part of the US and erase their history to avoid the jealous ex-partner or workplace stalker.

Frank Ahern has noted that the biggest mistake that people make when trying to disappear is to walk away leaving things up in the air. Instead, Frank Ahern counsels that the act of disappearing should be some months long process of tying up loose ends, covering the tracks and, most importantly, sowing false leads as to where they may have gone. If the jealous ex-partner thinks that the individual has taken a teaching job in Italy, they will expend their efforts searching in Italy whilst the individual rebuilds their life in Austin, Texas.

Some people misunderstand the service that Frank Ahern provides and ask him `to help fake their deaths’! This act is commonly referred to as `pseudocide’ and became even more notorious after UK man John Darwin swindled ₤250,000 from insurance companies after faking his death in a supposed canoeing accident. Darwin and his wife, Anne Darwin, were eventually found out and sentenced to six years each. Frank Ahern refuses to have anything to do with such requests as they are clearly illegal.

As a cheaper alternative to engaging Frank Ahern, he is the author of a book titled `How to Disappear and Fall Off the Grid’ which can be downloaded from his website for around S$25. Reader discretion is strongly advised!

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