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In a fast moving corporate environment, organisations are often required to transact with other entities without prior investigation, relationships or contracts. How can you be sure that those you are liaising and working with are the correct fit for your business?


What is Due Diligence?
Commercial Due Diligence is the process of addressing the risks, pitfalls and uncertainties that businesses experience when transacting with new entities for the first time. Before taking any new major transaction, it pays to undertake a transaction screen or Due Diligence investigation, ensuring that the other party is lawfully constituted, solvent, able to provide the product or services required and free from any regulatory or civil action.

When to Undertake Commercial Due Diligence?
Due Diligence is best undertaken prior to any transaction being made and should certainly be considering when starting a new trading partnership, buying or acquiring a major asset, merging with or taking over a company, forming an alliance with another company via shared distribution channels, investments or overseas activity, or undertaking any licensing agreement. A transaction screen or Due Diligence investigation before making transactions can alert you to problems with the other party, before you enter contractual arrangements or disclose any intellectual property.

Regents’ Approach
At Regents, we can undertake a Due Diligence investigation or transaction screen either with the knowledge of the other party, or covertly so as not to alert them to your intentions. We understand that as no two transactions are the same, Commercial Due Diligence should be customised for each investigation.

As part of a Due Diligence investigation, we produce an objective and factual report, providing intelligence and information that may have been deemed insignificant or overlooked. We work with your internal advisors to ensure that transactions are secure and beneficial, helping you to enter into only the most profitable business arrangements.

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Due Diligence

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