Investigation & Fact Finding

Regents Risk Advisory is a leading risk consulting companies, specialising in corporate investigations. We provide a broad range of intelligence and analytical information services, helping clients address and mitigate risk and protect business assets.

Regents operate a multi-disciplinary approach to developing business critical intelligence, combining investigative experience with a deep understanding of the business environment. We draw on a wealth of specialised knowledge, from former senior law enforcement officials to accountants, anti-corruption investigators and intelligence analysts.

Irrespective of size and type, many organisations face instances of dishonesty, be it in the form of organised theft, conflicts of interest or employee misconduct. Resolution of these issues requires time and resources from managers who are often already stretched and so it’s no surprise that many companies lack appropriate procedures to address these problems and minimise the implications for both revenue and the brand.

It’s imperative for management to demonstrate strong corporate governance, dealing with these issues promptly and decisively. Regents undertake in-depth and sophisticated investigations to ensure that the supporting evidence and actionable intelligence required to make informed decisions and take action is available.