Locating People

Locating missing people can be challenging for those who do not have access to the resources or indeed the knowledge required to establish the location of an individual.

Locating Missing People
There are a number of circumstances in which organisations require assistance with locating an individual, the most common being the following:

• They are a witness or party to an incident
• They are a shareholder in a company or holds interest in an asset
• They are a beneficiary of a will or finding
• They have rights to unclaimed funds
• They need to be served with documents from Court

In many cases, an initial check of the organisation’s own database fails to provide up to date or accurate details of the individual’s location or current whereabouts and further assistance is required. In many cases, rapid location of the missing person is crucial, as the purpose of finding them relates to an insurance claim, court matter or legal dispute.

Regents’ Approach
Regents are able not only to locate missing people, but also to advise on the best way to engage them once they have been found. We utilise a variety of techniques, including consulting government and proprietary databases, making enquiries at their last known place of work or residence, interviewing close friends and relatives, and making telephone and Internet enquiries.

Contact Us
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