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Procurement Fraud threats to companies

There are five basic bid rigging schemes which target vulnerable procurement tenders

More scam and cheat schemes in 2021

More scam and cheat schemes in 2021 Mobile number portingScammers transfer a registered mobile phone number from one telco provider to a different provider without the knowledge of the owner followed by syncing the scammer’s mobile phone with the ported number to...

Glossary of Scams in Malaysia

LHDN impersonation scamsRecent years have seen scammers boldly impersonating Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Malaysia (LHDN), approaching Malaysians with offers of rebates for overpaid taxes or worse, threats of legal action for overdue tax. Impersonation scams known as...

Bribery and corruption behind Football
match fixing in Malaysia

Online gambling on football matches in Asia has reached hundreds of millions of dollars each season – with the risk that those involved in making or receiving large-scale bets would seek to manipulate the results by threats or bribes of the players, managers or...